January 21, 2022

We’ve Moved! – Our Relocation to Fleckney

COBA Plastics Moulding’s warehouse and offices have been relocated from Whittle Estate, in Whetstone, Leicester, to a repurposed facility at the COBA International headquarters site in Fleckney, Leicester. A move of just under 9 miles.

The new address is:

COBA Plastics Moulding Ltd
Marlborough Drive

coba plastics moulding new facility

Our new building was originally a stores facility for our sister company, COBA Automotive, with 1,450 pallet locations. A completely new infrastructure was needed to turn this building into a manufacturing facility for our business.

We began to move our machines on Monday 6th December, with the aim of being up and running before the Christmas holidays. We achieved this aim, with the machines being moved and restarted in the new facility within 3 weeks.

coba plastics moulding crane installation

However, moving these machines was no easy feat. To place them into the facility, a 2000kg lifting crane was installed with a 23m span. With the help of this crane, our 24 moulding machines were brought in and installed safely into the facility.

Alongside the new addition of the crane, a new electricity transformer was installed, along with new cabling and distribution equipment. Our secondary operations and assembly area were moved in and set up in their new spaces, and a new plant room was also installed with new chillers.

coba plastics moulding new fleckney facility

Due to the move, the Goods-Inwards department location has also changed. It is now located in the COBA International HQ & Logistics building, which can be seen in the far left in the image below.

coba plastics moulding goods-inwards department

We’d like to thank our team of office, production, and warehouse staff, who have moved with us to the new site. They’ve been instrumental in helping with the move and we are extremely grateful for their support and flexibility.

Transforming the building from a storage facility to a manufacturing facility took us 4 weeks, a massive task for the time frame. We’re currently still getting settled in and are working hard to get things fully organized.

Telephone: +44 (0)116 240 1551