February 27, 2020

Our New Innovative Measuring System

Recently, we acquired a new piece of measurement equipment to add to our ever-growing capacity. The Keyence IM-7000 Series is an innovative system which now makes it possible for us to take consistent measurements in an easier and much faster way.

The IM-7000 allows us to measure the width, radius and height of a part, all with one device. Measurements can now be performed in seconds, with an intuitive interface that automatically records measurement results.

Keyence IM-7000 Series Measurement System process

Common problems with conventional measurement tools are that they can be slow, inconsistent and complicated to work. If more than one tool is being used to measure, then adjustments and setups can be time-consuming, especially if multiple parts are being measured. Conventional tools also rely heavily on the operator’s experience and judgement, meaning that errors can easily occur, especially if being used by more than one operator. Measurement data is also recorded manually, which can be a long and tedious process.

Keyence IM-7000 Series Measurement System in use

The IM-7000 converts measurement tools into a single system. It is fast, reliable and able to measure up to 99 dimensions on up to 99 parts simultaneously. Its easy-to-use interface means that measurements can be set up in just a few clicks, obtaining consistent measurement results, regardless of operator.


Keyence IM-7000 Series Measurement System measuring a part

With this new piece of equipment, it will now be possible to take measurements at a much faster and consistent rate, increasing productivity and helping to reduce workload.

By continuing to expand our capacity and invest in the latest software and equipment, we are better able to not only serve existing customers, but also new ones as the business evolves.

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