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COBA Plastics Moulding supports many key sectors with premium thermoplastic components ranging from one-off parts to full assemblies. Our ethos promotes a ‘Design First’ way of working, where innovation and problem-solving flourish, producing versatile, efficient solutions that save our clients time and money.


We’re able to support our customers in the automotive market by producing a wide range of components, including Interior Components, Fasteners, Gapfillers and Overmoulding Extruded parts.

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Automotive Injection Moulding

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Industry Injection Moulding

With health and safety being a high priority for every business, we’re able to provide a number of multifunctional, multi-component plastic moulded parts and assemblies in sectors such as People Management, Waste Management, Wayfinding and Zoning.

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We’re able to keep up with the ever-changing electrical market with our high-quality and high-demand components. We’re able to mould and manufacture a number of parts, such as Electrical System Casings, Clips, Buttons, Levers and Switches.

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Electrical Injection Moulding


Safety Mouldings Injection Moulding

We manufacture high-quality and reliable parts that are ideal for the security market. We’re able to provide a large range of plastic mouldings for the security and detection industries, such as Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Intrusion Alarm Systems.

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When it comes to the mobility market, we’re able to design, tool and manufacture a range of parts, from Traffic Management to Control System Casings and Components.

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Mobility Injection Moulding


Retail Injection Moulding

From Full Product Assemblies to Individual Components, we’re able to design, tool and manufacture a wide range of moulded plastic parts, suitable for the ever-changing retail market.

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