Additional Services

Ultrasonic Welding

Our in-house ultrasonic welding facilities use high frequency acoustic vibrations to weld plastic components together and are a key differentiator for COBA.

Apart from surface welding, the ultrasonic process can be utilised for staking, flanging, spot welding or to insert metal sockets in the material.

Other established uses are cutting and edge-sealing of thermoplastic films.

Ultrasonic Welding


Alongside our value added finishes, COBA Plastics Mouldings can offer a full assembly and second operations service. Throughout the years, we’ve partnered on many bespoke projects with our customers. Our experienced team are thoroughly trained in each project by our Quality department whether it’s simply trimming flash and packaging or a complex assembly, ensuring an output that is consistently high grade and on time.

Other Finishes

We offer many other value added finishes and processes such as, two colour moulding, chrome plating, lasering, pad printing and hot foil stamping. Having these facilities within COBA provides a great opportunity for cost reduction for our customers as we can function as a one-stop-shop for full component production.

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